2 Marketing Secrets You Should Know

These 2 secrets will change the way you market your business.
But first, let me share a story:
A brand I used to work with had a handful of pictures that got CRAZY engagement every time we posted them on Instagram. 
Likes and comments galore. Tonnes of profile visits and shares – the works. 
Those pictures were the marketer’s dream.
So we used them. 
Again and again. They never got old. 
Whenever there was an important post or sale coming up – we used those trusty images to promote it, knowing it would reliably grab our audience’s attention. 
And the sales poured in. 
You may be wondering – ‘where is this story going, Amy? It sounds pretty obvious to me.’
In my opinion – the obvious things are often the most underrated. And underused. And powerful.
You wanna get healthier? Eat nourishing meals. Obvious yet powerful.
You wanna have a better marketing strategy? Try these obvious secrets.

#1: Analytics are important as f*ck.

Be honest – when was the last time you looked at your Instagram Insights or website analytics?
Do you know which posts and pictures perform the best?
If you had a sale coming up, could you ea
sily choose the best visuals to reliably catch lots of attention?
Not only is this useful for boosting engagement – it will take a huge amount of decision fatigue out of your content planning.
Which brings me to –

#2: You CAN (and should) repost old content.

Yes, really.
The best marketers do it. Over and over and over again.
If your customers loved it once – chances are they’ll still love it a little way down the line.
You can do this 3 ways:
  • Repost top-performing content exactly the same as it was. Leave enough space that it won’t make your feed look repetitive.
  • Repurpose top content into other formats – eg: convert an educational reel into an educational carousel post.
  • Adjust top performing slightly – eg: change the music in a reel, change the order of a carousel post, change the caption.
There’s no rocket science here – but these tips can save you HEAPS of time (and guesswork) on your content creation.