3 Photography Backdrops You Have At Home

As much as we’d all love to have a professional photographer to make our products look their best, the reality of small business is that you’re often working with a lean budget!

As a photographer (and ex marketing manager), I know how important imagery is to your website, social media and branding – and I hope these tips will help you make some magic at home.

Your Space Is A Backdrop Goldmine

Before you scroll on down to my suggestions, I dare you to get your own creative juices flowing first! Take a look at your home or office, your kitchen, bathroom, floors, surfaces, any craft items you may have lying around… any ideas?

The Most Important Thing

As I mention in my Flatlay Photography Guide (get your free copy here), it’s important to think about the target audience for your product or service, as well as who they may aspire to be.

Are they busy Mums? Arty DIYers? Gadget-loving millennials? Beauty queens? Spend some time trying to get in the head of your target customer, and what some of their favourite activities might be.

Why Is This So Important?

If you’re trying to sell hardware, a fluffy pink backdrop probably won’t appeal to the workshop Dads out there. Likewise, makeup artists may not care for an extremely masculine look. Obviously there will be some exceptions, but you’ll connect with your audience much more quickly if your photos feel like something they can picture in their lives.

Three Backdrops You (Almost) Definitely Have At Home

If you’ve thought through the previous sections carefully, you’re already off to a great start! To get your creativity flowing, here are a few home backdrops you can get started with:

1. On The Floor

Yep. Whether it’s timber, tiled or concrete – your floor is a super convenient photoshoot location. The photos below were shot on a concrete floor in the afternoon light. I grabbed a leaf from the garden and two timber coasters to accessorise – simple!

2. On The Table

I know – these are so simple that it hurts. But take a look at your surfaces at home – do you have a beautiful worn timber table or a white desktop? Pull them closer to the window if you need to, and get playful styling your accessories.

3. Craft Paper

Do you have a roll of wrapping paper lying around? A newspaper? Baking paper? Your backdrops don’t need to be complicated to look good! In fact, simple is often the winner.

So there you have it! 3 backdrops that I can almost guarantee you have at home! Sometimes the perfect solution is sitting right in front of you (or under your feet).

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