3 Unique Outfits For A Yoga Photoshoot

While I’m all for a cute activewear co-ord or your favourite pair of leggings, a photoshoot is a wonderful opportunity to get more creative than you can in class!

If you’re thinking of booking a yoga shoot in the near future, here are some outfit ideas to get you inspired:

1. Dresses

Above: Stunning sunset shoot at the Spit.

We’ll skip the inversions for this one.

A dress can look absolutely stunning in a beautiful location with simple poses. You’d be surprised how many looks you can get!

Pose ideas: Lunges, warrior variations, portraits (walking, sitting, laying down), fish, paschimottanasana, arm stretches – anything you feel comfortable in!

Photographer’s tips: Try solid colours (no prints) and a simple cut for this. Think about your location and choose something that pairs nicely without blending in.

Above: Wild Woman Yogi Photoshoot


2. Bodysuits

Above: Golden hour at the Spit. 

Bodysuits are great to move in and give a unique look! A bodysuit or full-piece swimmers will achieve similar photos.

Pose ideas: inversions, wheel, dancer, hand balances, child’s pose, split variations, twists – a bodysuit will accentuate your pose so anything with curves or strong lines is going to look beautiful here.

Photographer’s tips: Again, try to avoid prints or patterns here. Plain colours almost always pop the most nicely in an outdoor location. Choose something that will stand out against your backdrop!

Above: beach photoshoot with Lailla

3. Nothing at all!

Above: Wild Woman Yogi Photoshoot

If you’re feeling daring (and it’s something you want for your photos), you can capture some stunning and artistic shots with a cheeky element of bareness. There’s lots of ways to try this –

  • Topless with a flowy skirt – catching some bare back and covering your ladies with your hands or a prop
  • Wearing a strapless bikini and covering it using different angles and poses
  • Finding a quiet spot to go fully nude (only if you feel comfortable and safe)

Pose ideas: Standing and walking – facing away from and towards the camera (holding your ladies!); child’s pose, sitting and hugging your legs, seated twists. Check out Nude Yoga Girl on Instagram for more ideas!

Photographer’s tips: Only do this style of shoot with a photographer you feel 100% comfortable and safe with! Choose a location you’ll feel safe at as well – you could do this at home or somewhere secluded in nature. Bring a jumper or gown to keep you warm between shots and consider inviting a friend or partner if it will help you feel safe!

Bonus Idea: Prints & Flares

If you’re going to go activewear, check out Wolven Threads. They’re my favourite to wear and something I’ve been dying to shoot – especially their flares . You can get 15% off using my code “AROO” 😉