3 Unique Product Photography Ideas to Stand Out Online

In a crowded, noisy marketplace, saturated in content… how does one stand out? 

Scroll-stopping, thumb-catching, eye-candy is a great place to start grabbing eyeballs!

To achieve that, we need unique photos and videos. I’ve shared a few of my favourite looks below:

1. Make A Mess

roses with black paint

Chaos catches the eye – a beautiful mess can tell your brand’s story in an unexpected way. 

For this Valentine’s shoot, I got messy with paint. I did the unexpected, spilling “outside the lines” onto painted flowers.

The outcome was beautiful, eye-catching and very unique. 

Other messes you could make are photo prints scattered across your backdrop, a pile of (biodegradable) confetti, or a drink spilled across your space. 

See the full shoot: click here

2. Dark, Moody & Minimal

dark moody jewellery photography

Imagine you’re scrolling a sea of “light and airy” photography trends on Instagram (sound familiar?) at a million miles an hour… 

Suddenly you glimpse a flash of a bold, dark tile.

Stop the scroll! Finally – something unique!

Layering black on black stands out in a market of beige on beige! Add a flash of a red or yellow (or your colour of choice) for an extra hit of boldness.

See the full shoot: click here

3. Make It Human

If I were to guess what your best performing Instagram posts are… I’d bet they’re the ones that include a human. 

(Unless there’s a puppy. Then it’s the puppy).

People are great to have in product photos to provide a sense of scale, and maybe more importantly – to enable your customer to imagine themselves using your product. 

You can incorporate people into your photos using their entire body or just parts (eg: a hand reaching for something in a flatlay). You can use their gaze, attention or reach to draw viewers eyes to your product. 

See the full shoot: click here

Bonus tip! 

Lastly – with social media leaning more and more towards video content, it’s so powerful to use that to your advantage! 

During your product shoot, be sure to take videos as you go – behind the scenes is always an exciting view for customers. You can also turn your existing photos into videos using gifs and slideshows! 

I hope you have fun with these tips, and can’t wait to see how you use them.

PS: extra goodies for those who read to the end 😉

If you haven’t already, you can check out my presets and flatlay photography guide here – they’re both completely free!