3 simple ways to keep your Insta feed consistent & clean

There are 3 small things that will make a BIG difference to the look of your feed and your brand in general. Nail these, and you’ll be showing up more consistently (and with more confidence) than ever before. 

1. Choose your brand colours

The importance of brand colours reaches far beyond your social media! They will be crucial for planning your website, designs, packaging and more. 

If you haven’t already worked out a colour palette, I recommend doing that ASAP. I recommend this colour palette generator – or if you’re unsure, consider booking a 1:1 session with a branding expert (get in touch if you’d like my assistance!).

Once you have your colour palette sorted, ensure you are: 

  • Using those colours in any text or graphic posts
  • Incorporating them into your photos
  • Minimising the use of other colours

2. Choose your brand fonts

creative market fonts

Just like your colours, your fonts will be used in your website, designs, signage and more! Keeping your fonts consistent across all channels is a great way to elevate your brand and show up more professionally. 

I tend to choose fonts from Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts as they can be found on most platforms. You can also purchase a custom font from websites like Creative Market to make your brand extra unique. 

Once you’ve chosen your fonts (2-3 is ideal), stay consistent and use them across all your platforms!

3. Edit your photos consistently

This makes a HUGE difference to the look of your feed and can tie in photos that otherwise might not look good together. 

There are lots of presets and apps you can purchase to achieve this – my favourite app is Lightroom Mobile (it’s free) and I use my own presets (you can get them free here).

So there you have it! The 3 key elements that will allow you to create a consistent brand look and feel, off and on your feed.