4 Ingredients For A Magical Shoot Experience

Photoshoots can be an incredible, fun and expansive experience – all you need is the right ingredients!

1 – Preparation

pinterest board - ros yoga shoot

Tools like mood boards set the tone for your shoot location, timing, outfits and overall ‘vibe’. It keeps you and your photographer on the same page so you’ll be delighted with the outcome.

2 – Hold Your Plans Loosely

Lailla Sena Yoga Photoshoot

No two shoots are the same and that’s a beautiful thing! Maybe the weather isn’t what you expected or the location doesn’t 100% match your mood board – enjoying the creative process is all about loosening your expectations and going with the flow. Allow yourself to be delighted by the unexpected and you may just get even BETTER photos than you imagined.

3 – Play!

You might be surprised to learn that shoots can be SO much fun! The more you let go, stay present and enjoy the experience – the more you will enjoy the process AND love the final photos. 

4 – Create A Viewing Ritual

Yoga photoshoot gallery

When you receive your photos, you can create a beautiful ritual around opening them. Light a candle, do a short meditation beforehand, put on some of your favourite music and allow yourself to celebrate the full experience of your photos and your beauty. (Thank you to Lailla Sena for her inspiration on this idea).

That’s It!

Remember that like anything else in life – a photoshoot is an EXPERIENCE. Something to enjoy, be present for, learn from and give your 100%. I hope these tips have you feeling inspired for your next photoshoot.