5 Beautiful Outdoor Locations for a Yoga Photoshoot in the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast boasts some of the most breathtaking outdoor settings that provide the perfect backdrop for yoga photoshoots. Whether you’re seeking serene forests, golden beaches, or majestic rock formations, this coastal paradise has it all. Here are five stunning locations that promise to elevate your yoga photoshoot experience to new heights:

1. Currumbin Falls – Embrace the Spiritual Vibes

Nestled within a lush forest, Currumbin Falls exudes an air of tranquility and spirituality. The cascading waterfalls, serene river, and enchanting forest areas create a serene ambiance that perfectly complements the essence of yoga. My shoot with the incredible Louise in this magical setting captured both her practice and the serene surroundings, resulting in captivating and soulful images – see the full shoot here.

2. Talle Creek – Golden Rocks and Sandy Paradise

Talle Creek offers a breathtaking blend of warm colours, golden rocks, and a stretch of sandy paradise that resembles a deserted island. This hidden gem provides a quiet haven where you can strike your poses without the distractions of crowds. My photoshoot with the lovely Mel in this idyllic location showcased her practice against the backdrop of golden hues and the soothing sound of waves – see the full shoot here.

3. The Spit – A Versatile Oasis of Variety

The Spit is a versatile location that offers an array of backdrops, from grand rocks to hedges, a picturesque jetty, and the endless expanse of the ocean. This diversity allows for dynamic photos that capture the essence of your yoga journey. My session with the wonderful Ros at The Spit showcased the myriad possibilities that this location presents, resulting in a vibrant collection of images – check out her full shoot here.

4. Kirra Beach – Rocks, Ocean, and Gorgeous Skyline

Kirra Beach is a tranquil spot that combines the natural beauty of rocks and ocean with the urban elegance of the city skyline in the background. This quiet location allows you to immerse yourself in your practice while gazing at the horizon. My shoot with the radiant Tarryn (also known as @namastarryn on Instagram) beautifully captured her poses against the backdrop of the serene ocean and the city lights – check out the full shoot here.

5. Miami Rocks – Boulders and Mossy Serenity

For those seeking gorgeous boulders and a touch of mossy green serenity, Miami Rocks is a striking choice. While this location is busier, the unique rock formations and lush surroundings make for captivating compositions. My session with the Boheme & Body studio team showcased the harmony between yoga and nature, resulting in images that reflect both strength and serenity – check out their photos here.

In each of these outdoor locations, the Gold Coast presents a canvas that perfectly complements the beauty of yoga. Whether you’re drawn to the spiritual energy of a forest, the golden sands of a secluded beach, or the versatility of coastal landscapes, the Gold Coast offers a breathtaking range of settings to tell your yoga story.

Ready to embark on your own yoga photoshoot adventure? Learn more here about how to book your session and create stunning images that capture the essence of your practice amidst the natural splendour of the Gold Coast.