5 Mistakes You Need To Stop Making On Your Homepage (Yes, You)

1 – Including Too Many, Or Too Few CTA’s

A CTA (Call-To-Action) calls your readers to action. 

Common examples of CTA’s are “Shop Now”, “Explore Our Collections”, “Learn More” and “Sign Up”.

These nudges allow customers to easily navigate your website and go on a journey you’ve designed for them. 

Without any, they may find your homepage confusing or be unsure of where to go next.

On the other hand, if your homepage is filled with buttons navigating all over the place, you risk overwhelming your customer.

Think about your customer’s journey and which pages they may need to see initially, then take out the guesswork and guide them through your site by adding suitable CTA’s.

You can find more CTA ideas in this post.

An example of a CTA button from our homepage.

2 – Not Providing Social Proof

Sure, you can tell us that your product or service is the best thing since sliced bread… but you know who viewers are more likely to believe? Your happy customers. 

Providing proof of who you’ve worked with or how much your customers love your products is a simple and powerful way to increase your conversions. Add a handful of 5 star reviews or “worked with” logos to your website today to see how it impacts sales.

Our “worked with/featured in” section. This speaks more highly than words can.
A handful of our reviews feature on our homepage.

3 – Not Collecting Any Data

Your mailing list is the holy grail of your marketing strategy (read this if you’re not convinced). If you’re not collecting emails from the traffic that comes to your website, you’re missing out on valuable prospects. 

Collect emails by adding a simple popup form or CTA to your homepage. You can provide a high-value goodie to incentivise leads to sign up: such as a discount code, free download or competition entry. 

This popup appears halfway down our photography homepage. It’s a high value offer that is useful to our target customers!

4 – Leaving The Design In The 2000’s

Your homepage is the equivalent to your digital storefront. Would you leave the same window display up for 5 years? Would you let the dust collect and hope customers would still recognise the high quality of your work? I hope not. 

The same goes with your homepage. You have 3 seconds to compel your viewers when they land on your homepage – don’t waste them on a design critique! 

5 – Mammoth Chunks Of Text

Is your homepage skimmable? I certainly hope so. 

Most people won’t read great lumps of text at a time. People love images, videos, and graphics. They’re happy to read text that has been broken up into small, digestible bites. 

Think about this: how can you communicate the same message using pictures instead of words?

Or – how can you you break your text up using dot points, subheadings or columns?

Now go do it.

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