5 Things You Should Stop Doing On Your Instagram (Unless You’re Beyonce)

Your business is a superstar, yes. 

However, from my experience in the marketing field, I have some loving advice for you.

There are some things that only the Queen can pull off. 

If this sounds like your business instagram, I suggest you stop doing these things:

1. Random props that make no sense

Your props are there to tell a story – to elaborate on whatever message you’re trying to communicate to your customer. If your story connects with them, they can imagine themselves in it. In it – and with your product.

When you start adding random (albeit maybe beautiful) props that don’t add to your story, you begin to lose the story, along with the customer’s connection to it.

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2. Not interacting with other accounts

This should be a no-brainer. Not only do customers love to feel important, seen and valued – Instagram also rewards accounts who are active on their platform.

Responding to comments and having sincere conversation with your customers will win you loyalty and respect. And don’t forget – the usernames on your screen are people just like you – and they can tell when you really care about them.

3. Going MIA for months at a time.

Unless you want people to think you’ve closed shop. Posting regularly will boost your engagement and follower count. It will also reassure customers that you’re still there.

4. Providing no info about your business in your bio.

Everyone knows Beyonce. She doesn’t need to introduce herself – but your business sure does! Use your bio to call out your target customer and paint an undeniable picture of who you’re here to serve, and how. Keep it simple, concise, and include a simple call-to-action to your links.

5. Putting 2 almost identical photos side by side on your feed

This one has some more nuance to it than my other points – however, it’s a good rule of thumb unless you have a specific artistic vision for your Instagram. Keep your content varied enough that you don’t lose your follower’s interest, but consistent enough that they’ll know what to expect.

But then again…

Beyonce wouldn’t be Beyonce if she never broke the rules. So you do you, boo. Social media is ultimately a space to play, express yourself and your brand, share value and connect with your tribe! If you’re doing that – you’re on the right track.