7 Photoshoot Props You Have At Home

A picture’s worth a thousand words…so what story are you telling?

If you’re using imagery or videos to help grow your brand (you should be!), props are such an important part of the content creation process. They tell the story of your brand, who might use it, and the life your customers can aspire to.

As a photographer (and ex marketing manager), I know how important content is to your website, social media and branding – and I hope these tips will help you make some magic at home.

Do You Have A Backdrop?

The answer is yes.

If you haven’t already – read this post for 3 backdrops you (almost definitely) have at home.

Take Stock Of What You Already Have

Before you scroll on down to my suggestions, get your own creative juices flowing! Take a look at your home or office, your kitchen, bathroom, cupboards, accessories, any craft items you may have lying around… any ideas?

The Most Important Thing

I know I sound like a broken record, BUT – as I mention in my Flatlay Photography Guide (get your free copy here), it’s important to think about the target audience for your product or service, as well as who they may aspire to be.

Are they the spiritual type? Feminine or masculine? What are their goals and challenges?

Spend some time getting to know your target customer, and you’ll have a much easier time choosing relevant props.

Why Is This So Important?

It’s very simple – if they can’t imagine their life in that image, they most likely can’t imagine your product in their life.

7 Photoshoot Props You (Probably) Have At Home

Did you read the previous sections? You’ll get much more out of this if you do! Here we go.

1. Leaves

Give your garden a trim and add some life to your photos. Leaves are fantastic in portraits, product shoots and everything in between. I love using leaves to add depth to my images – you can place them in the background, foreground, or even close to the camera for a blurred effect.

2. Letter Boards & Labels

This is the simplest (and most effective) trick to speak to your customers with images. Try to use catchy or creative text for repost-ability and choose relevant props to your message.

3. Flowers

A bunch of flowers is an inexpensive way to make your products look welcoming, natural and a little luxe. Choose native flowers as a nod to locally made products, roses for rose scented items, or colours to tie in your brand scheme.

4. Cutting Boards

Chopping boards and cheese boards are a quick way to change up your background or add an extra texture. Timber and marble are always a good option, especially (but not exclusively) for food items.

5. Crystals, Sage and Smudging Sticks

If you don’t have these at home, you can pick up things like crystals, sage and smudging sticks online, at markets or at a crystal shop. I’ve seen some beautiful amethyst crystals for as little as $5 at the markets. Again, think of your target audience – if they’re interested in things like yoga, holistic wellbeing and spiritual realms, this may be the perfect fit.

6. Hobby Items

This is where your imagination can run free and really hone into what makes your audience tick. Are they avid surfers, drummers or readers? Do they have their own collection of vintage cameras?

7. Food And Drinks

Whether it’s sliced fruit or a beautiful cup of coffee, food and drinks add a lifestyle element to your photo that everyone can related to. Who doesn’t love snacks?

Don’t stop there! Mix and match, throw a variety of props together (as I’ve done in many of my photos above), add your own flare and don’t be afraid to try something different. The possibilities are literally endless – they’re only limited by your imagination. And trust me (from experience) – you’ll get better at it with practice.

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