Amy Shark Behind The Scenes

It was such an honour and a thrill to join Amy Shark, KIIS 1065 and SeaLife Sydney Aquarium on this VIDEO gig!

I have a few behind-the-scenes stills to share below, but 99% of this project was actually video. This was my first official videography gig and a huge one at that. Check out the first video of the series here.

Amy Shark is one of my absolute favourite musicians. In 2019, I was belting her songs out at the top of my lungs in various moshpits. Ever since her latest album was released, I’ve had it on repeat. And on this job I had the pleasure of working with her. My inner fangirl was screaming beneath a much more professional exterior.

I’m so grateful to have received this opportunity and so stoked to have entered the world of videography!

Huge thank you to everyone on the team who made this possible and to Sam for inviting me.