An Empowering Shoot With Charlotte: A Prenatal Yoga Journey

What a special moment to shoot with this incredible woman for the first time! Charlotte is a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, who has an amazing online program coming soon, Mama time yoga.  She wanted some photos before she gave birth to her little one to show how special her practice is (she was very close to her due date when we did this shoot!). She went all in and booked the 2-hour custom shoot, giving us plenty of time to try different ideas and I think we crushed it 😉 

The location 

We found ourselves this little slice of paradise, a secret spot near Snapper Rocks in Gold Coast. The beach, dunes, soothing waves of the ocean and a little bit of forest was an amazing location to shoot. Late afternoon sun glares gave a beautiful touch and made the shoot even more special. 

My favourite thing 

After taking a beautiful collection of photos, it was time to let the waves crash onto her. The photos in the water turned out amazingly and I adore the way she looks . Charlotte tried different yoga moves and it was beautiful how the photos all came together. 

Charlotte’s IG: @mama_time_yoga 

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