At Home With Samarah and Liz

Samarah and Liz just moved house and I was lucky enough to come and capture some cosy couple photos in their Sydney home. This photoshoot is one of my favourites yet.

A photoshoot in their home feels so intimate – although it doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles of an epic location, the storyteller in me is in heaven. Where else could you capture a more genuine peek into the couple’s lives and relationship?

It definitely helped that Samarah and Liz have such an aesthetically pleasing setup!

After we finished their home session, we headed to a local Sydney park for some outdoor couple photos.

I’ve recently been doing a workshop with one of my favourite photographers and have been trying out some new techniques for getting my subjects comfortable, relaxed and looking most like themselves. This shoot achieved exactly that and I’m thrilled with the authentic interactions and emotions that Samarah and Liz gave me!

Samarah and Liz – thank you both for bringing so much joy and playfulness to this session. Love you both!