Aussie Beach Couple – Ruby and Luke

These two cuties showed me one of their favourite spots at Long Reef and Dee Why. The weather was perfect and we were so happy with the final photos. 

Couples often ask me what to wear on a photo shoot, and my advice varies with different locations and couples. However, these tips remain mostly the same:

  • Choose an activity for your location (eg: picnic in Ruby and Luke’s case) and dress as you would for that activity – just elevate it a little!
  • Wear what you’d wear to a nice lunch or dinner. 
  • Choose colours that compliment each other’s outfits (but not match unless that’s what you’re going for).
  • Neutral colours tend to be the most timeless (so you won’t be cringing at your photos 10 years from now).
  • Avoid patterned prints (yes, even stripes) as solid colours will come out much more nicely in a photo. 

Ruby and Luke chose perfect outfits for their location and picnic vibe! See for yourself in the photos below.