Beach Yoga Photography with Lailla

Photo shoots with Lailla never get old. It’s such an honour to have such a beautiful, spiritual businesswoman returning to me for her 5th shoot!

The Location

Lailla found this stunning spot in her local Sydney area. There was such a variety of looks there, from waterside to rocky cliffs, to RED sand that looked like Mars.

This location was actually a few hundred metres from my shoot with Ruby and Luke (see those photos here), but it looks completely different!

We arrived at sunrise and Lailla was such a trooper in the cold wind. There were lots of in-between moments to throw on a warm coat and ugg boots between photos.

Shoot Concept

Lailla wanted to get a photoshoot before I moved to the Gold Coast. She sent me a series of inspiration photos as usual (this helps photographers a lot)!

Favourite Thing

I always love shoots with Lailla but what I loved most about this one was the feedback I received afterwards. Lailla described each of my photoshoots as a sort of “initiation” or rebirth. She said the photos allow her to see herself in a new and powerful way. That’s truly the best feedback I could ask for and I’m grateful to be able to give that empowered feeling to my subjects.

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