Capturing Radiance: Amelia’s Sunrise Yoga Photoshoot

Step into the radiant world of Amelia’s sunrise yoga photoshoot, a journey of capturing authenticity, grace, and the beauty of sunrise. Join us as we delve into the story behind this captivating session, where spirituality and creativity intertwine against the breathtaking backdrop of The Spit on the Gold Coast. 

Amelia’s Vision:

Amelia’s decision to embark on this photoshoot was driven by her desire to create fresh content that would spotlight her as a yoga teacher on the Gold Coast. 


We went to the Spit on the Gold Coast. With The Spit’s pristine shores as our canvas, the sun’s first rays embraced the scene, illuminating our space and infusing every pose with a touch of beauty. Click HERE, HERE and HERE to see other shoots in this gorgeous location with other yogis.

The shoot vibe:

Our shoot embodied a fusion of spirituality, artistry, and natural femininity. Against the backdrop of the beach, rocks, and the expansive ocean, Amelia’s practice seamlessly melded with the surroundings.

Favourite thing:

One of my most cherished moments from this shoot was witnessing the sunrise hues dancing across Amelia’s form as she moved through her poses. Her practice exudes simplicity and purity, reflecting a genuine connection to her art. 

I also love how she embraced the mini disaster of the wave getting her all wet at the very beginning of this 30mins shoot – she made the most of it!

Amelia’s IG: amelialeighyoga

Blog design/writing: XUEHAO GONG

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