Content Portraits For Business Owners

Are Content Portraits Worthwhile?

If you’re a coach, educator, influencer or brand owner – the answer is absolutely yes.

Great imagery and content is the fastest track to building authority and trust with your audience. Not only does it help your profile to look more professional and consistent; it’s also an opportunity to express your personality and allow them to connect with you as a person.

Other businesses may beat your prices, your offering or your sales figures – but something that can never be threatened (as cheesy as it sounds) is your you-ness.

The more you lean into your personality and share it with your customers, the more you can stand out from the competition.

Never underestimate the power of a fan. A customer who buys into you – instead of your product – is the most loyal customer of all.

What If No One Else In My Industry Does It?


Now you can stand out even more.

Whether you’re the owner of a health brand, a PT, a yoga instructor or a business coach – leaning into your uniqueness is the best long term strategy for business success.

And if your customers know and value you – they will follow your business endeavours as your pivot and adjust.

But I Hate Getting My Photo Taken

If there’s anything entrepreneurs love, it’s discomfort.

Lean into it, find a great photographer who can help push past that initial discomfort – and enjoy the process!

Finally – The Photos!

Here are some photos from my most recent content shoot in the Gold Coast. Simon is a professional trader and coach and asked me for some photos to use on his Facebook, Instagram and website.

This short one-hour branding photo shoot captured both his silly and his serious side with a variety of locations and looks.