Forgetting Yourself: The Most Valuable Attitude Shift I’ve Had In Photography

Here’s the thing about “being judged”:

  1. Unless you can read minds, has it occurred to you that you’re actually doing the judging – simply by assuming that someone’s judging you?
  2. The fear of judgement often (always?) comes from a place of insecurity, and is simply a projection of your own insecurity onto other people. Maybe everyone isn’t staring at that pimple, after all.
  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY – chances are, no one is thinking about you at all, because everyone (including you) is busy thinking about themselves.

This especially applies when you’re a photographer. Point the camera at someone and they’re barely aware that you exist – all they’re thinking about is how they look, how awkward they feel, and what do I do with my arms?

Sounds simple – BECAUSE IT IS – but it’s so easy to forget. I still find myself retreating to the mindset of “what if they realise I have no idea what I’m doing?” – not because I don’t – but because I’m feeling self-conscious. Here’s the thing – your clients won’t care if you’ve never held a camera in your life – you’re pointing it at them, so all they care about is what do I do with my arms?

Here’s the secret sauce to the most enjoyable, comfortable, and game-changing shoot I’ve had to date – and it was corporate headshots, of all things!

Forget yourself. Forget what you look like, how you’re acting, and what people think of you – because they’re NOT thinking about you. It’s 100%, completely about THEM, and YOUR job is simply to make them feel comfortable.

Teach them how to pose. Act however strange it takes to get them to smile. Let your confidence and enthusiasm infect them – because that’s what’s best for THEM, and that’s the key to the best photos.

I dare you – walk into your next shoot with that mindset. You might just have the most fun you’ve ever had.