Jennifer’s Mini Yoga Shoot – Kirra Rocks, Gold Coast

Hey, beautiful human! I recently had an amazing time shooting some yoga photography for Jennifer on Kirra Beach in the Gold Coast, Australia. This was actually just one of the ten mini yoga shoots I did on my February Australia trip, and it always blows my mind how many stunning photos we can get in just 30 minutes!

In case my last sentence confused you, let me explain: I’m currently staying in Bali, and taking regular trips back to Australia. This trip was for the entire month of February, and I visited Sydney and the Gold Coast for a total of 18 yoga photoshoots (that brings my yoga shoot count to a whopping 42!).

The location was Kirra beach, and let me tell you, the rocks and the sand there were something else! The weather was just perfect, and the golden hour light made everything look absolutely magical as the sun began to set.

Jennifer is an incredible yogi and human, and it was amazing to capture her doing all her beautiful poses against such a beautiful backdrop (my personal favourites were the “cow face” pose in the shallow water and the white dress in the ocean). It always amazes me how much personality and skill can shine through in just one photo.

In case you’re wondering, I come back to Australia regularly to do more yoga shoots (including mini shoots like this). You can find all the details on my Work With Me page, so make sure you check that out if you want to join the next shoot!

All in all, this yoga photography session at Kirra Beach was an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking to enhance your personal branding and showcase your skills in a beautiful location, I can’t recommend these mini shoots enough. Thanks for reading!

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