Kaylie’s Embodiment and Dance Mini Shoot

Although you probably know me more for yoga photography, this shoot was a little different!

Kaylie approached me looking for dance and embodiment photos to support her dance facilitation work and personal brand. She has a really fun and playful Instagram account (check it out here) so I was super excited when she booked her mini shoot with me.

As I’ve said before, it blows my mind that we only needed a 30-minute mini shoot to get all these incredible photos (and more)!

The mini shoots were hosted at Kirra Beach – one of my favourite Gold Coast spots – and the rocks were the perfect backdrop and prop to pair with Kaylie’s incredible fluid movements and dance. We both dropped into a super intuitive flow state as soon as the shoot began, and Kaylie started dancing on a giant rock while I ran around full of excitement (as I always do) to catch the right angle.

We managed to get in 3 outfit changes and a huge range of photos (as you’ll see below) – keep on scrolling to check them out!

PS: if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can learn more about mini shoots here.


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