Lauren’s Photoshoot Journey: From Yoga Studio to Nature

Today I’m thrilled to share the amazing experience of a recent photoshoot I had with Lauren. This shoot was all about capturing her journey as she dives into creating her own website and spreading her love for yoga. So, get comfy and join us on this adventure!

Lauren’s Shoot Vision

When Lauren approached me to book a photoshoot for her website (she’s building her website with one of my Yogi Web templates!) and I knew we were about to create something special. She had a clear vision in mind: a mix of studio shots, a mock yoga class with her friends, and some aesthetic outdoor shots. 


We kicked off the shoot at Boheme and Body studio (thank you Amy for sharing your stunning space with us), click HERE to see more about the studio, and if you’re curious about the shoot I did with the studio’s team before, click HERE to get a sneak peek, or you can click HERE to check my another photoshoot with Daniela in this yoga studio.

For the second part of our adventure, we headed to the North Burleigh Rocks near Miami Beach. Picture massive rocks, boulders, rainbows and the sweet sound of crashing waves. Nature’s embrace became our backdrop, creating the perfect canvas for yoga.

Shoot Vibe

Our shoot was an incredible mix of zen studio vibes and the raw beauty of the great nature. We captured some peaceful moments in the studio with Lauren and her friends. Then, we took the energy to the beach, combining yoga with the wild energy of nature. We got caught in a refreshing rain shower and witnessed a beautiful rainbow on the beach, and Lauren embraced them and let her inner wild match that energy so well.

Favourite Moment

Lauren invited her friends to join the mock class, and it was so impressive to see how many of them made the effort and drive to be there for her. The love and support they brought were beyond beautiful. It’s moments like these that remind us of the magic that happens when friends unite to chase their dreams.

I had so much fun on this shoot with Lauren and loved seeing the huge range of photos we ended up with – her final album looks more like 3 shoots than one!

Lauren’s IG: @lauren_simplybreathe

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