“Minimalist Grit” Edgy Yoga Shoot With Ros

This woman is a total (yoga) ROCKSTAR. I absolutely adore working with Ros.

This shoot was a completely different vibe to her last one and I’m obsessed with the edgy, artistic human-form linework that we captured. Unlike my usual beachy yoga photoshoots, this time we opted for “minimalism grit” – concrete walls, neutral colours, straight lines and sharp edges. Harsh shadows. (I know! Me! Shooting outside of golden hour!).

I honestly didn’t know if this was a photography genre I could pull off. But I trusted the process and more importantly I trusted Ros & I as a team.

If you’ve ever done a shoot with me you would’ve heard me describe it as a “co-creation” – and I seriously mean that. If it wasn’t for the incredible concepts and humans that find themselves in front of my camera, my photos would be literally nothing.

I’m so grateful for this work and more importantly, for the people who bring their own creativity and ideas into the mix, and help draw out something unique and special and new – something that I’m so proud to share and add to the patchwork of my “style”.

Speaking of amazing people, here are a couple of links of note:

Finally, if you’d like to co-create something epic together, I’m so excited to hear from you. Learn how you can work with me right here. (I’m coming back to Aus in September 2023 and the waitlist is open NOW!)


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