My Top 3 Photography Muses – And Why I Show Them To Clients

You might think I’m bonkers to share other photographers publicly on my blog or to admit that I’m aspiring towards someone else’s level – but I’m about to dish up a big serve of humble pie and walk you through exactly who I want to be when I grow up.

Let’s Get One Thing Straight –

This isn’t about imitating or straight-up copying of someone else’s work, and I couldn’t stress the importance of having an abundance of inspiration sources around you, rather than just one.

Like any artist, I do believe it’s important for photographers to have something to aspire towards and draw inspiration from – but it’s equally important to find your unique style.

The photographers listed below are people who inspire and challenge me to think more creatively, but I draw inspiration from a variety of photographers, artists, musicians, locations and other events in my life.

Now let’s get into the inspiration!

1. The Hearnes

Abbi and Callen Hearne are the epitome of my when I grow up dreams. When asked about my photography aspirations, I regularly show friends and clients @thehearnes on Instagram. I absorb every piece of content they share and admire their personal attitudes and values just as much as their breathtaking style.

I adore their unwavering reverence for nature, and their firmness in their values even if it means missing a photo opportunity (eg – confetti and champagne popping in national parks).

The Hearnes have combined a love for travel, adventure, nature and photography into one beautifully executed package, and I could truly rave about them for hours if you get me started.

2. Me Oh My Girl

Although she’s just made the shift from photography to full time art (which we’re all STOKED for), Charli Burrowes of ‘Me Oh My’ is a huge creative inspiration to me. She’s eccentric and bold with a cheeky sense of humour and a healthy dose of drama. Her work is raw, romantic and unapologetically feminine. Her writing is so honest it’ll make you squirm a little, but it always hits home.

Charli’s work is the most aesthetically unique of all my muses, and her style is something that you could tell apart from anyone else’s work. Originality is getting harder to achieve in our digital age, but this girl is absolutely rocking her own one-of-a-kind style.

3. India Earl

India Earl is a one-woman powerhouse and I’ve spent hours poring over her website and online courses. Her photography style is arguably simple, but there’s something about India’s photos that make you feel like you’re there, in that moment, experiencing whatever joy or intimacy or excitement her clients are feeling. They teleport you – and that’s pretty much what every photographer dreams of doing.

I only found India’s website a month ago and could immediately sense that there was something unique about the way she interacted with her clients – her photos seem to draw out authentic emotions like very few photographers can do.

I enrolled in her online courses the next day.

The Common Threads

I’ll be the first to point out that these three photographers/artists have very little in common when it comes to style. But here’s what I noticed they did all have in common (and likely the reasons I love them so much):

  • A creative style that’s unique to them.
  • Authenticity, even if they’re going against the grain.
  • A willingness to share their personality beyond photography.

Why I Share Them With Clients

In case you’re wondering if I’ve lost my marbles or forgotten that these photographers may threaten my business, I’ll refrain from pointing out the elephant in the room (*ahem* experience, price and location) but tell you what matters to me most.

  1. This Helps Clients Understand My Vision
    Call it manifestation, a vision board or simply an easy means of communication – if I show my dreams to potential clients, they can either see or not see themselves within that dream. It also makes it much easier to suggest things that can’t already be found within my portfolio.
  2. Because I Believe in Abundance.
    There’s an abundance of work available for everyone. Every photography operates within a different style, location, niche and price bracket, and it’s up to our customers to choose which photographer is the best fit for their unique needs. It would also be very naive of me to think that I’m the only photographer that my customer is considering!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into my creative aspirations, and that you’re inspired to find your own muses in whatever industry you’re working in. Don’t be afraid to share your goals – you never know who would like to work toward them with you.