Power Words To Sell More On Social Media

Have you ever heard of a “call to action”?

You’ve definitely seen and heard plenty of them.

“Join the VIP club for 10% off your first purchase!”

“Do you have a Flybuys Card?”

“Come in today for 20% off – this week only!”

Using Calls To Action In Your Captions

A Call To Action (known as a CTA) is a great way to encourage your followers to interact with your post, click through to your website or book for a consultation. Here are some examples:

CTA’s To Encourage Post Interaction:

Encouraging potential customers to interact with your post will help them to feel connected to your brand.

  • New… (product launching tomorrow/store opening soon/service being added to our offerings)… Can you guess what it is?! 🤭
  • Did you know… (industry fact/trend)?? Tag a friend who should know this 🤯 

Be sure to reply to their comments to keep the interaction going!

CTA’s To Encourage Website Visits:

Customers who visit your website are engaging more actively with your brand and are more likely to buy.

  • Did you know (fact from a blog post)? 🤔  Head to our website to discover how! 
  • New collection looking fresh on the website 🔥 Link in our bio – check it out!

CTA’s To Encourage Purchase:

These CTA’s are great to grab customers who are already considering purchasing from you – don’t use them too regularly to avoid coming across as overly sales-y.

  • How stunning is our (product) on (customer in photo)?! 😍 Want to bag your own? Head to our website today!
  • Need a (new look/refresher/pop of colour)? We’ve got you 😘
  • (Product) that (product benefit)? Yes please! DM us to learn how 😉
  • Only a few (bookings/products) left on the website! Gotta be quick to secure yours x

Power words to use in your CTA’s:

Power words are verbs that inspire action – these have been used by marketers for years!

  • Get
  • Buy
  • Shop
  • Learn
  • Try
  • Sign up
  • Register
  • Click
  • Discover

Keep A Consistent Tone

Be sure to keep your CTA tone consistent with the rest of your brand. Is your style friendly? Bold? Playful? A little bit cheeky? Whatever it is, keep it up when you write your CTA’s.

How often should I use a CTA?

  • Avoid repeating the same CTA in consecutive posts – mix it up! 
  • Use CTA’s in every 2-3 posts (unless they’re super subtle).
  • Use a mixture of different CTA goals (interaction, website visits, sales) to meet your customer where they are in your sales funnel.

Simple! Try these tips in your next post and see how is can inspire action!