Rain to Rainbow with Namastarryn – Gold Coast Yoga Photoshoot

As a photographer, there’s nothing quite like capturing the beauty of yoga against the stunning backdrop of the Gold Coast. And when I had the opportunity to work with Tarryn (@namastarryn), I was so excited to capture these photos at Kirra Beach.

Tarryn’s incredible poses and skills are well known on Instagram, and I had the pleasure of taking her personal branding photos for her account. The day of the shoot was a beautiful patchwork of weather – initially, it rained, which gave way to a sun shower, then a beautiful rainbow, and finally, sunshine. While some may see this as a challenge, I saw it as an opportunity to get an amazing variety of photos.

As the rain cleared and the sun peeked through the clouds, we captured some truly stunning shots. Tarryn’s grace and strength were on full display as she moved through various poses against the picturesque Gold Coast backdrop. The rainbow that appeared midway through the shoot made for a truly magical moment that we were lucky enough to capture on camera.

Aside from the gorgeous shots we got, what made this shoot even more special was the time spent with Tarryn outside of the studio. I had enjoyed many weekend classes with her before I moved away, and it was such a pleasure to reconnect and spend more time with her.

As a photographer, it’s moments like these that remind me why I love what I do. Capturing the beauty of yoga against the stunning natural beauty of the Gold Coast, all while spending time with a friend and client like Tarryn, is truly a gift.

If you’d like to capture your own magic in a shoot together, you can learn more about working with me here.


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