Sell Out Your Event in 3 steps (+ Free Event Page Template)

Workshops, retreats and other events are a great income booster for yoga teachers and other spiritual entrepreneurs! If you want to sell every last ticket, use the tips below:

1: Talk about benefits, not features


Before you read on, get out a pen and paper and write this down:

  1. Make a list of every ‘feature’ in your workshop. Eg: hip opening poses, hands-on alignment and live sound healing bowls.
  2. For each item on your ‘feature’ list, write the correlating benefit/s for your customer.  Eg: access and heal trapped emotions in the body, gain a deeper understanding of your yoga postures with hands-on support, learn tools to deepen your at-home practice.

Looking at your 2 lists – which workshop would you want to buy a ticket for? The features, or the benefits? 

If the answer is benefits (which I suspect it will be), that’s what you should be communicating to your audience!

2: Build hype with a waitlist

AROO waitlist example

A waitlist is not only hugely beneficial for building hype around a workshop – it will also allow you to see how many people are interested in it! Once you have a rough estimate of potential numbers, it will become much easier to prepare materials, choose a suitable location (if it’s in person) and plan pricing. 

A waitlist will also help you to nurture your audience using email marketing – provide valuable tips and resources before you launch the event, and you will have built lots of trust and authority with them in the meantime. 

To entice customers to join your waiting list, you can offer a VIP discount or freebie for those who sign up by a certain date. 

How to create a waiting list: I use Flodesk to build all my sign-up forms and set up my email marketing. (Get 50% off your first year using this link).

3: Create a compelling event webpage

A compelling sales webpage is – simply put – the formula to sell out your workshop. Present the right information in a well-designed webpage (to the right audience) and let your page do the selling for you!

A sales page usually includes the following information:

  • A call out to your target customer
  • Identifying customer pain points and problems your workshop solves
  • Identifying customer goals and how your workshop supports them
  • A list outlining your workshop benefits (from step 1)
  • An introduction of who you are
  • An outline of the workshop content
  • Testimonials from your clients
  • Call-to-action buttons, inviting them to apply or sign up

The beauty of this webpage is that you can continue using it for future workshops – with changes only to the relevant sections.

Lucky for you, I’ve created a template to create your own sales page (it’s free and made specifically for yoga and spiritual themes). 

It’s super easy to customise and edit – grab your template here.

yoga free sales page website template

Bonus tip!

Don’t forget that your followers won’t see every single thing you post on social media – so don’t be afraid to repeat yourself and mention an offer multiple times – you wouldn’t want them to miss out simply because they took a day off Instagram!