Should I Bring My Dog To A Photoshoot?

This was the perfect afternoon for a photoshoot. Lena showed me one of her favourite spots in the Gold Coast, as well as a secret lookout above the beach. 

Her beautiful husky, Oleg, joined us for the shoot – and I’m convinced that more dogs should be invited to photoshoots! 

Why You Should Bring Your Dog To A Photoshoot

Firstly, there’s the obvious fact that you love your dog and that he/she is a family member you’d want in the photos! 

On top of that, dogs are wonderful at helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera. They provide a sweet distraction and interacting with them will feel much more natural than posing for photos. 

Finally (and sadly), since we live so much longer than our pets, it’s a beautiful thing to have a reminder of your memories together with them.  

Tips For Bringing Dogs On Photoshoots

Here are a few tips to make it as smooth as possible.

  • Go somewhere familiar. You want your dog to feel comfortable and relaxed, so taking them somewhere they’ve been before is ideal. 
  • Check restrictions and if you need a leash. You’ll probably want some off-leash photos, so try to choose a spot where that’s allowed.
  • Bring lots of treats (of course!) – you might be giving your dog more instructions than usual, so food is a great incentive if they’re getting tired of it.
  • Don’t forget poop bags!
  • Bring a couple of their favourite toys to keep them entertained. 
  • Let them play – they don’t need to look perfectly posed in the photos!

I absolutely adore dogs and love to have them in my photos – if you’d like some photos with your pets please be sure to contact me.