Talle Creek Sunshine With Mel

What an incredible privilege to shoot with Mel for the fifth time! (Want to see the evolution? Check out one of our previous mini shoots here). It is always a pleasure to photograph Mel, and this time she brought her beautiful family along.

You might recognise Mel from her Instagram (or mine) –  she’s a total boss on socials and has a beautiful personal brand. This was another layer for her collection, and it was a completely different look and feel from our earlier shoots, as always! 

Mel is usually the mood board QUEEN with a prop-heavy style (which I also love) but I was excited to see her stepping into a different direction for this shoot. She showed up completely as herself, with no props to “lean on” (her words – click here to see her post for more) She just wanted to soak up the moment, adapt to the present, and make magic together.

The Location 

Mel discovered this gorgeous location on a family outing and I’m so glad she shared it with me. It’s a secret spot by  Tallebudgera Creek, Gold Coast (near Burleigh Headland), and I’d love to do more shoots here! The beach, the ocean and a little bit of forest gave us a wonderful variety of looks. We did the photoshoot mid-morning because Mel loves warmer, golden light. 

The Concept 

For a change, Mel and I started this session without a specific direction , and in the end, it gave a connected-to-earth, spiritual, feminine vibe. We experimented with simple but different poses, sitting by the  creek and the ocean. She also wanted to show the “unpolished” side of  her life and capture  a more real version of the chaos that is her yoga practice with Todd and Vela. 

Favourite Thing 

It was so nice to meet another layer of Mel – she’s become such a good friend since working together on so many shoots, and I felt privileged to meet her family and capture their dynamic as part of the mix. 

Scroll down and see how our spontaneous photoshoot turned out amazingly. 

Mel’s IG: @melissa.hatha.yoga

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