The Everything Shoot: From Studio to Beach, Yoga to Pilates With Daniela

My first shoot with Daniela was a 30-min mini shoot. After that, she dived all in and booked this shoot (2 hours) plus a custom website (with my other business, Yogi Web). It’s been so much fun to bring it all together with her! 

As a mum, yoga teacher, and pilates instructor, Daniela’s goal is to inspire mums like her to feel comfortable and strong in their bodies rather than comparing themselves to unrealistic standards of beauty and body standards.

The Location 

We started the photoshoot at Boheme and Body studio (special thanks to Amy for sharing her beautiful space) before we headed to the beautiful Miami beach. Miami is one of my favourite beaches in the Gold Coast for yoga photos because of the dunes, boulders, and rocky beach with the pinky clouds in the background gives a magical touch to the photos and make them even more beautiful (click here to see a previous shoot I did at this location with the whole Boheme team). 

My Favourite Thing 

One of my favourite things is to see my client’s growth each time we meet and Daniela gave me that joy. I was really glad to see how much confidence Daniela had gained in front of the camera since our first shoot! And I’m also so excited to use these photos on her upcoming website.

Daniela’s IG: @Shapeandtonehealth

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