Warmth and Spirituality: Gold Coast Yoga Photoshoot with Mel

Step into the world of Mel’s radiant yoga photoshoot, where warmth, spirituality, and creativity intertwine. Let’s dive in and witness the session that is filled with feminine energy, natural beauty, and a touch of Bali-inspired magic.

Mel’s Vision:

Mel embarked on this photoshoot with a clear vision in mind—a warm and spiritual ambiance infused with artistic flair. We did some shoots before this and she wanted more photos for her personal brand, and she also wanted to expand on the photos we already got in her custom shoot. Click HERE and HERE to have a look at those previous shoots with Mel.


Our chosen location, The Spit, Gold Coast, offered an aesthetic backdrop of the beach and ocean. The warm vibes of the mid-morning light added a touch of magic to the scene. Click HERE and HERE to see other shoots in this gorgeous location with other yogis.

The Shoot Vibe:

With spirituality at the core, Mel’s shoot embraced a fusion of artistic expression and earthy femininity. Through carefully selected props, she created a visual symphony that elevated her yoga practice. 

Mel brought lots of her props from Bali, including her sarong, yoga mat and woven bag. These unique pieces seamlessly blended into the shoot, enhancing the overall aesthetic and capturing the essence of Mel’s spiritual practice.

Favourite Thing:

One of my favourite things of working with Mel is her natural talent for prop styling. Since our first shoot, I’ve admired her ability to create the perfect combination of elements. It’s as if she could effortlessly step into the role of a stylist in another life. Moreover, I’ve loved spotting some of her pieces while I’ve been living in Bali.

Mel’s IG: @melissa.hatha.yoga

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