What Should I Wear For A Photoshoot?

Planning a photoshoot can leave you mulling over a lot of questions –

What should I wear?
Which location should we choose?

Did I just forget how to smile?

What do I do with my hands?

That might sound obvious, but hear me out –

Some Things To Consider First

Feel Like Yourself

From your clothes to your makeup, your photos will be so much more effortless if you feel great about how you look. For some people, this means dressing up and doing your favourite makeup look – but for others, you might feel more comfortable in something casual.

Makeup Looks

Women will often do their test makeup for a pre-wedding shoot – which is a great use of timing, but they often comment that they don’t feel like themselves! Without diving into a whole other topic, it’s worth making sure that the makeup you have won’t leave you feeling self-conscious all day – whether that’s for your pre-wedding shoot or your wedding day.

Pre-wedding photos are a great way of seeing how your makeup is going to look in your wedding photos, too!

Consider Your Location

Think about your location when you choose your outfit for photos. Would a ballgown suit an at-home session? Maybe not. Try to wear what you would usually wear for that occasion – but elevate it a little.

Photo of two girls at home wearing casual outfits to suit the colour scheme of their home.
Samarah and Liz demonstrate this perfectly – with their outfits matching the colour scheme and casual vibe of their beautiful home! See the full shoot here.

Photo Shoot Outfit Guidelines

I have a complicated relationship with rules. Strained, at best. If you’re like me, please feel free to completely disregard the following tips and wear whatever you damn want.

But if you’d find some guidelines helpful (which is probably why you clicked on this post), please read on.

Here are a few of my simplest outfit recommendations.

Dodgy Prints Should Be Dodged

It’s in the name.

If you want to look back on your photos without cringing, try to avoid crazy patterns and short-term trends. Think about looking at these photos 10 years from now, or 50 years! Will you shudder at the sight of them?

Having said that, if you idea of a good photo is one that tells the nostalgic story of your past life, bring on the prints!

On the topic of prints – closely repeated patterns (like small spots and stripes) tend to make cameras freak out a little. I don’t know the science behind it but I try to avoid upsetting my camera.

You Can’t Go Wrong With A White Dress

White looks beautiful in nature and contrasts with most natural backgrounds. Bring a white floaty dress to the beach, a forest or park for an effortlessly stunning photo shoot!

Girl in a white dress in a forest.
Lailla looks like a goddess in this stunning dress and location – see the full shoot here.

Red (Also) Wins

It’s a tie for red and white dresses at photo shoots! Red pops, is bold and timeless, and contrasts well with greenery, the ocean and neutral backdrops. Solid colours are your best friend with something like red – keep it simple.

Couple walking past Luna Park in Melbourne. The red dress pops on the white backdrop.
Kim’s dress stole the show in this stunning Melbourne pre-wedding shoot.

Floaty and Flow-y Outfits

If you want to feel like a princess in your photo shoot, look no further than a floaty summer dress or jumpsuit.

Girl in a white play suit in a grass field.
This Centennial Park session was magical.

Bring an Outfit Change

I always recommend bringing one outfit change to photo shoots. This gives you a broader range of photos as well as a chance to settle into different “characters”.

Most Importantly

Don’t forget to wear makeup and clothes that feel like ‘you’ – when you look back, you’ll want to see yourself in those photos – not someone you’re pretending to be!

Lailla dressed exactly like herself for this shoot, and her personality shines through in the photos – see the full shoot here.

I hope you learnt something from this and have the perfect outfit ready for your next photo shoot!