Wild Femme Beach Yoga Photoshoot with Ella

Today, I want to take you on a journey behind the lens and share the incredible experience of a recent photoshoot I had with Ella. This photoshoot was a celebration of creativity, femininity, and nature. So, grab your cup of herbal tea, get cosy, and let’s dive into her story!

Ella’s Shoot Vision

When Ella reached out to book a photoshoot with me during her visit to Australia from the UK, I couldn’t have been more excited. She had a clear vision in mind, and her moodboard was a treasure trove of inspiration. Ella wanted a shoot that captured the essence of freedom, with a mix of wild and soft feminine vibes deeply connected to nature. I knew we were about to create something special.

Location: Main Beach near The Spit, Gold Coast

Our chosen location near Main Beach was the perfect canvas for Ella’s vision. The golden hour and sunset created a breathtaking backdrop for our shoot, with those pink clouds that added an extra touch of magic. Picture beach, sand dunes, and the ocean—a paradise for capturing the beauty of yoga. You might recognise the background from the first Gold Coast yoga shoot I did with Ros – click here to see it!

Shoot Vibe

The shoot vibe was a perfect fusion of spirituality, femininity, and artistic expression, and as you can probably imagine, I was VERY excited to capture it (as always).

Favourite Thing

Some of my favourite photos from the shoot were at the very end. When the sun had already disappeared, Ella got fully in the water and looked like a total goddess under the pink sky. She was so embodied and present and showed up fully as herself, which is a really brave thing to do especially when there’s a camera pointed at you. 

Working with yogis like Ella, who push past the discomfort and fear of photos and dare to show up fully as themselves, is such an inspiring experience. 

Feeling called to be captured in your own empowering and artistic photoshoot? I’d love to connect with you! Let’s create something magical together. Learn more about how to work with me here.

Ella’ IG: @elladixonnuttall

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