Lailla – Wild Woman

You might’ve seen Lailla before on my Instagram or blog. This is the third time I’ve worked with her, and any time spent with Lailla is always a treat!

I met Lailla when I was shooting at a yoga retreat (check out the photos here), and she got back in contact with me earlier in the year to get some portraits for her website (check them out here). I absolutely loved all three shoots and Lailla was stoked with the photos too.

The Location

As soon as Lailla approached me with her photoshoot concept, I knew this was the PERFECT spot. This secret spot is the most beautiful combination of ruins and jungle vibes – and it’s very quiet, which is always helpful when it comes to portrait photoshoots!

If you’re interested in doing a shoot in this location, there’s plenty more to explore and I’d love an excuse to get back here.

Shoot Concept

The theme of this portrait photoshoot was WILD – celebrating the wild, raw, sexy, feminine energy.

Lailla hosts yoga and breathwork workshops, as well as private healings using reiki, access bars and breathwork. She’s been running a popular series of workshops on the raw and feminine ‘Wild’ concept and was looking for photos to match that theme.

Like her previous two portrait shoots, these photos will be used on Lailla’s website, social media, email marketing and event pages.

About Lailla

Aside from her all-around spiritual goddess vibe, I admire Lailla for her business edge and entrepreneurial mind. She’s obsessed with learning new things (yoga and otherwise) and constantly improving her crafts. I have a similar mindset with my photography, and it’s so empowering to see fellow Sydney women out there killing it with their businesses. It’s also amazing to be able to contribute the professional portraits and headshots that will take her business to the next level!

The photoshoot itself was so much fun for both of us. Lailla’s gorgeous personality shines through in the portraits and she quickly became very comfortable in front of the camera.

Favourite Thing

Following my previous shoot, it was SO interesting and fun to see Lailla in a different light. The last shoot (see it here) was a light and airy beach session, with Lailla smiling and laughing in most of the photos. In this shoot, she embraced a darker, sexier side of herself – with the occasional outburst of laughter, of course.


My takeaway from this shoot was to choose a very clear theme, know your WHY, and run with it. From the beginning, Lailla sent me a moodboard of ‘wild woman’ themed photos, and that context helped us choose everything from location to props to posing and even my editing style.

These photos are beautiful and unique and tell the story that Lailla wants to share – and all because she started with her ‘why’.