Yoga Birthday Photoshoot: A Journey with Jade

Get ready to dive into the aesthetic story of Jade’s birthday photoshoot. It was a gift she gave herself to kickstart her yoga journey. Jade has since moved to New Zealand and is doing amazing things over there. Join me as we explore her adventure through yoga and the breathtaking landscapes of the Gold Coast.

Jade’s Vision:

Jade had a unique vision for her photoshoot, encompassing elements of spirituality, artistic expression, and feminine grace. 


We started this adventure at the North Burleigh Heads, where the rocks stood as pillars of natural beauty. This beautiful location provided the perfect backdrop for us, and you can click HERE (coming soon) to see the previous photoshoot in the same location with Mel!

The Shoot Vibe:

Our shoot exuded a blend of spirituality, creativity, and a deep connection with nature. It was a celebration of Jade’s inner journey, where she embraced her authentic self and radiated confidence. 

Favourite Moment:

As we approached the end of the shoot, Jade decided to push the boundaries and explore a more edgy and artistic side. With a sarong delicately draped, she embraced her femininity and we got some gorgeous and unique photos!

Jade’s IG: @themindtosoulmovement

Blog design: XUEHAO GONG

Jade’s yoga photoshoot was a remarkable milestone for her, symbolising the start of her journey in her yoga career. 

If you’re seeking to embark on a similar experience, just click HERE and let’s bring your vision to life. 


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